Origins of Yoga
Yoga Journal
Gorgeously filmed, thought-provoking documentary
focusing on members of the large, loosely knit, culturally supported community of wandering ascetics in Northern India and Nepal.
LA Yoga Magazine
If you practice yoga he is your ancestor. If you want to trace your ancestry, and your practice back to its roots and its meaning, you’ll have to follow this man thru the crowded streets and ancient mountain paths of India. And in this wonderful documentary by fellow traveler, Los Angeles filmmaker Paula Fouce – you can do
just that.
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Shiva Rea
Origins of Yoga is a visual darshan of the realized beings of the kumbha mela offering their wisdom and living reflection of the yogic path of freedom. A treasure!
Mark Whitwell, Author: Yoga of Heart
Watch this film. It is a vital part of your Yoga education. Made by sincere Yogis, about sincere Yogis, it is an intimate trip to India without leaving home. For this I am very grateful.



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